catwalk fantasy

a. friend s/s12

A.F. Vandevorst understand the function of a catwalk show. Instead of presenting a 3D catalogue of all available looks in their line or staging an incongruous spectacle, they styled their compelling fabrics and accessible garments in an otherworldly manner which artfully blended fact with fantasy. The internationally respected designers’ second line, A. Friend, is a welcome addition to Berlin Fashion Week. The brand’s community-minded and well footnooted concept suits Berlin’s artistic and friendly sensibility. The clothes themselves are effortless to wear but appear artistic and intellectual. For their S/S 12 catwalk, the duo draped amber, sienna, red, steel, canvas and black striped their shirts and shawls over models’ bare torsos. With straight, healthy hair brushed clear across models’ faces, exposing only their pale skins and perfect red lips, the angular girls looked like elegant sculptures – unexpected hybrids of Giacometti and Calder who enticingly showcase the label’s true essence.